Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Training Your Pet

First for any regular readers out there, who have yet to make themselves known, I promised to have another post weeks ago. BUT, shit happens when there's a death in the family. Especially when it is a bizarre one.

Ok, so I thought I was going to have an actual list of tips/rules here for any newbie doms/dommees who want to know how to train their "pet", but you know what? There's a shit load of lists out there like that, it's been done. Plus, I'm still new(ish) myself.

What is this damn post for then and why is it still labeled Training Your Pet? Good questions. This is more or less somethings that don't really seem to be on any of the lists I've read and thought I'd share with you, more like precautions to take.

1. Test for allergies, maybe your sub doesn't know that they're allergic to latex or whatever objects you may want to bring into the bedroom. Did you ever watch the episode of 1000 ways to die where that guy tries the BDSM scene and didn't know he had severe allergies to that bodysuit he was wearing and the dominatrix couldn't tell he was suffocating because he was gagged?

2. LISTEN! Your sub has thoughts/opinions/emotions/etc. and maybe you don't want to hear them, but you'd like to know if the rope's too tight right? Or maybe how they're tied up throws their back out. Maybe you keep hitting their bad hip with the crop. Or it can be something as simple as "Aaron move down the bed, I don't want to smack my head." "Just don't smack your head." And a few seconds later...THUD. Real mood killer.

3. This is more or less 2b. Use a safe word, most people are like duh! Well do you really use it? I mean really? Didn't think so. Make sure it isn't a simple no. When you're really getting into things, a no could feel like a disguised yes.

4. Choose wisely. You may want your sub to get pierced ears and implants...he happens to work at a school who "has to" let him go because his "behavior is inappropriate" or whatever. Maybe to many PTA complaints. What you expose your pet to, take a few steps ahead and see if it will affect their other life.

That's all for now, if anyone feels that I should add something either message me or leave a comment.

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