Friday, December 16, 2011

Live Damn You Live!

Ok, so I do realize that the little blog here is dangling on a thread but I plan to fix it. Ok, so here's what's new: I now have a story published for you all to read (that is if you aren't too busy playing video games). While I will be promoting books I have coming out, I'll try to remain on other topics. Like tips for training your slave in the bedroom...oh a good topic for next week.

The book: Some Sexual Side Effects May Occur a title formerly published on Literotica but I revised it a bit. Now it's longer, woot! The story is currently available on Smashwords at
but I am waiting on approval for it to be available on more devices such as the Nook and the Kindle.

Here is a sneak peek (there is a 15% sample through smashwords if you want a wee bit more taste before deciding on buying):

Anya tried to wriggle out of the cuffs; flexing her toes as she squealed in delight. She ached to pounce Paige, but Paige was wise enough to tie her down. Paige let her nimble fingers explore Anya's wetting clit as she pressed her lips down onto Anya's, closing off all escape. She slid her tongue into Anya's mouth pushing away all of Anya's fears and presented all of her desires.

Paige scooted down on the bed, gave Anya's clit a kiss and nudged her strap-on deep into Anya's awaiting pussy. Anya cried out with pleasure, it had been so long since her last fucking. She wanted more, but too timid to beg.

There was a bang of a door being kicked open; Dean rushed in. "Paige, just what the hell do you think you're doin'?"

"Oh, she came to me big brother," Paige thrust deeply in again, "You know that." She sneered. This wasn't the first time one of her brother's girlfriends had turned to her in order to get what they truly desired. It was always with a no on their lips but a yes in their eyes. They secretly wanted her, but were too afraid to tell her. She knew this and she would make them hers.

Anya flushed, staring blankly at Dean lost for words. He just glared down at her, eyes full of hate and jealousy.

"That's it Anya, this wedding is off!" He yelped as he stormed out.

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