Monday, January 16, 2012

Update on Some Sexual Side Effects May Occur

First I just want to mention that I miscalculated when my book would be available to the community. So I apologize. Right now, Amazon and Sony are still working with Smashwords on shipping the book into the market and it may take 1-2 weeks to actually be available.

Ebook Devices which my book will be available on:

-Kindle (Amazon)
-Nook (Barnes and Noble)
-Diesel (currently available)
-Kobo (currently available)

So, once again I apologize for getting your hopes up so soon. Literotica however has copies of my unrevised copy:

You can get a sneak peek at my other works. On Literotica, it is all unrevised and so if you have some critiques there feel free to post and you can see.... if you buy my book if I mixed it up.



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