Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sneak Peek to The Femme In Me

She slipped his thick, hard cock between her lips and began to suck it greedily. He grunted with pleasure. Sure she was no professional, but she definitely wasn’t an amateur. Also, she received bonus points for being the first down at his aching point in the past five years besides his own damn hand. Victor glanced down at his new found lover, she lifted her head slightly giving him a wink and smirk. She pressed her right hand down on his chest, silently ordering him to lie back and enjoy the show. Nicole stroked his balls and slowly moved down to his taint. He leaned back with a sigh as she continued to suck off his member. While he was distracted, she doused her left hand with lubrication. His breathing reassured her that he was quite relaxed. Nic slipped her finger into his tight little ass. Fuck! What do you think you’re doing?” He squealed trying to throw her off. She however, had a handful of pubes with her right hand, as soon as he tried to squirm away, he got a nice little tug. Fearing that she would tear out all of his pubes, he stopped pulling away, but whimpered in shame and anxiety. Despite it, Nic continued to finger his puckered ass. Victor’s toes curled, his head thrown back as he moaned. Nic slid her middle finger in and began to make scissoring motions with the two fingers. His body tensed up as he released into ecstasy, Nic with her mouth still wrapped around his shaft swallowed every last drop of his cum. Nic then proceeded to climb on top of Victor and slid his cum-slickened cock into her hot, wet pussy. She then rode him until she reached her own climax, soon after she coaxed his throbbing dick with her tits as she got him to splatter her chest with his seed. *Available now!

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